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“East is East and West is West..” and the two have met and melded successfully in Art Suwansang. Born in New York City, Art spent part of his formative years being educated in Thailand, returning to the United States to finish his education in Southern California.  Growing up in two cultures has given Art the added dimension of opening up to choices and seeing through multiple perspectives. This duality has repeated itself in his choice of careers, giving him great insight and knowledge in the digital revolution and high proficiency in the world of artistic expression.

Originally majoring in Computer Engineering at Cal Poly Pomona, Art could not deny the calling of his muse and eventually left Cal Poly to pursue his true passion – photography. However, while at Cal Poly, Art was busy taking a leadership position on campus in student government and was elected a Senator, representing the Engineering Department, for two terms. Besides being steeped in the academic and political sides of the digital world, Art began his first entrepreneurial enterprise in computer servicing from which he has recently retired in order to give 500% of his time and energy to Wedding 64.

A Magna Cum Laude graduate of Brooks Institute, Art Suwansang has become an award winning, international photographer and lecturer. With a diverse background in photography that includes portraiture, events, commercial and architecture, Art’s enthusiasm for wedding photography has given him his true métier. Building Wedding 64 from the ground up has been a labor of love, and a unique opportunity to share his excitement for the visual image, intimately, with the bride, groom and their entourage every time they relive that special moment through their collection of pictures.

“As a wedding photographer, I get to see the literal translation of the words “love” and “passion” in the bride’s and groom’s emotional and physical connection – their new “raison d’ être”. This has made me realize that there is more to what I do than just “passionately” take images. What makes wedding imagery so important isn’t just taking great pictures, it’s that the images I capture document the histories of individuals, moments that may happen once in a lifetime for only fractions of a second.”
With a strong background in computer technology, and staying abreast of the latest innovations that continue to enhance the final product, Art is committed to bring that knowledge and experience to the photography field as a teacher and lecturer. His workshops and presentations are always full and in demand both in the United States and abroad. His professional affiliations include membership in the Professional Photographers of California, Wedding and Portrait Photographers International and Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers United Kingdom, three of the international associations that have made use of his teaching talents. Added to these successes, Art was recently awarded the Wedding Photojournalist of Year from the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers United Kingdom.

Art Suwansang’s work has been represented in two gallery shows and has been featured in several publications.

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